Foreign Link Placements


As we all know, Curated Links are contextual anchor links, inserted into a page, blog post, or quality aged guest post, which already exists which means that Google has already indexed the post. They are essential when it comes to your link building and search engine optimization strategy.

But what are foreign link placements?

Foreign curated link placements give your site a boost that goes a long way in the journey of SEO competition. They increase your outreach and make you visible not just locally, but internationally as well. Our foreign link placements are tried and tested with years of expertise of our professionals. We have a record of being successfully ranked in every Google TLD we list these links for.

What will you get?

With, you will get a complete package of foreign link placements with maximum authority and permanency in the insertions. Your links will be placed in top-performing aged posts to further build your site’s authority. We do not indulge in any shady tactics – everything is openly discussed and coordinated. Simply put; no masquerading, no scamming! We guarantee you a higher ROI!


Seonetwok offers a range of packages that are all on-demand – No monthly fees, no subscriptions Our packages are flexible and reasonable for all our clients as we always keep customer satisfaction above everything else

RD 100+

RD 200+

RD 400+

New Packages:

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for any language other than the ones mentioned above. We are here to help. You can count on team for quality, confidentiality, and effectiveness Our discretion regarding each order is what makes our clients happy

How does it work?

It’s a simple and clean process for you and us:
Give your information (URLs and anchor texts)
Review and select the relevantly chosen blogs by our team
Publishing and reporting after your approval and satisfaction, we publish your links and give a detailed report


Any anchor texts you choose are allowed. In case your anchor texts do not fit the requirements, we offer advice to help you find the right text; just let us know.

Curated links placements refer to links which have been inserted in content that already exists on the internet, and content which has already been indexed and cached by Google.
It’s not possible for us to give you a foreign domain that’s also relevant. Our inventory for these tld’s does not allow that, it’s way smaller than regular domains. We will try to make relevant but in mostly cases they will be irrelevant.

We accept every niche including gambling and adult.

It depends on webmaster. However, there is a guarantee of all links to remain in place for at least one year. If for any reason your link gets removed, we will help immediately. Otherwise, we offer replacement, but no refunds.


Terms & Conditions

We do not promise any sort of metrics when it comes to TF, Traffic, CF, DA or any other metrics. Also, we are talking about homepage RD not for inner page. We try to find sites with organic keywords that are ranking and organic traffic that can be measured but this will vary by site. Please contact us in advance if you need any other metric – like homepage RD/TF/CF/DA as additional pricing may apply.