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Do you wanna spread your word via Strong established Profiles?


We own Strong Profiles on each of the following Social Media Platforms that can spread your message by heaps


We have gone through all the Social Networking Websites and come up with the team of the Best 8 Social Networking Websites. The Social Networking Sites that we have Selected are:

Google plus

Google plus is getting important by each passing day, whether you are a businessman, engineer, doctor or if you are in any profession,you will see Google each and verywhere on internet. And in the same way Google plus Social Site is gaining popularity.


You will be amazed to know that in the overall traffic driven from all sides, 25% of this traffic is enjoyed by Facebook. Isn’t this amazing Facebooak takes the share of 25% from the overall traffic coming from all over the world.


YouTube comes on the third number of the most visiting sites over the internet. YouTube is as useful and exciting as any other social websites, it gets all sorts of traffic from everywhere.


Linkdin is taken as the best platform for corporate social sites. You will find a good number of the corporate profiles found on Linkdin.


Famous for its blue bird, twitter comes on the second number for the most famous Social Media Sites and very famous in making Dollars online.


Don’t you just love the Pinterest images, I can tell you whenever you log in to Pinterest you are going to spend all your time looking at the lovely images and going to different pages and pictures.


You must be aware Flicker is a High PR site with PR as high as 9. Getting a backlink from Flickr using your link will be a great way to increase backlink. You can generate lots of quality traffic through Flickr


Instagram is one of most expanding networks that can give you the maximum exposure. Let yourself be known across Instagram via Instagram shares.

The features we are providing:



  • Number of Days Number of Days
  • Total Candies /Day Total Candies /Day
  • Facebook Share/Day Facebook Share/Day
  • Tweeter Tweets/Day Tweeter Tweets/Day
  • Pinterest’s Pins Pinterest’s Pins
  • Google+ Posts/Day Google+ Posts/Day
  • Instagram Shares/Day Instagram Shares/Day
  • Flicker Photo Share/Day Flicker Photo Share/Day
  • YouTube Comments/Day YouTube Comments/Day
  • Linkdin In Share/ Days Linkdin In Share/ Days
  • Total Candies Total Candies
  • Mini Candy Deal

  • $29.99

  • Number of Days5
  • Total Candies /Day16
  • Facebook Share/Day2
  • Tweeter Tweets/Day2
  • Pinterest’s Pins2
  • Google+ Posts/Day2
  • Instagram Shares/Day2
  • Flicker Photo Share/Day2
  • YouTube Comments/Day2
  • Linkdin In Share/ Days2
  • Total Candies80
  • Core Candy Deal

  • $79.99

  • Number of Days10
  • Total Candies /Day24
  • Facebook Share/Day3
  • Tweeter Tweets/Day3
  • Pinterest’s Pins3
  • Google+ Posts/Day3
  • Instagram Shares/Day3
  • Flicker Photo Share/Day3
  • YouTube Comments/Day3
  • Linkdin In Share/ Days3
  • Total Candies240
  • Jumbo Candy Deal

  • $239.99

  • Number of Days20
  • Total Candies /Day40
  • Facebook Share/Day5
  • Tweeter Tweets/Day5
  • Pinterest’s Pins5
  • Google+ Posts/Day5
  • Instagram Shares/Day5
  • Flicker Photo Share/Day5
  • YouTube Comments/Day5
  • Linkdin In Share/ Days5
  • Total Candies800


We will leave your link in our every social media activity

We will make posts daily as per ordered package on each social media Platform mentioned above

Yes Real active profiles with real friends and followers

We will randomly use 4-5 accounts

We will leave your link with posts, either sometimes with related text or related image


Refund Policy:

We will make refund only when we don’t post as per the ordered package