Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia Backlinks

It is the age of Search Engine Optimization and the best way to improve your search rankings is to have Wikipedia Backlinks.

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Wikipedia Backlinks is one of the most popular and trusted sites online. Because of this, Wikipedia Backlinks is highly sought after — giving your brand credibility and recognition.

The problem is that getting Wikipedia backlinks to stick is extremely difficult. Wikipedia Backlinks is a community-moderated site with strict guidelines as to what sources and references can be used.

However, fortunately, we have a team of Wikipedia editors who can secure placement and Wikipedia Backlinks for your site. For business reputation and expansion, this is a priceless opportunity to secure some of the most precious backlinks available that increase your brand exposure and Google website rankings.

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You will get the most reliable and valuable backlinks! The provided back links are from aged pages which are powerful and secured to boost up your site.

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What? Want to Create Wikipedia Page?

We already have Wikipedia Page Creation Service

How to Order Wikipedia Backlinks

Select Your Package

Select the amount of links you need. If running a local SEO campaign, the 1 or 2 links are great. ​If this is for a affiliate site the 5+ links work well.

Submit Order Details

This is super easy, just fill in all the details in our online form. ​Enter your ​keywords and URLs ​Click proceed

Order Processing

Our team will bring the process of locating pages specific to your keywords. We’ll then hand select the best content match for the most natural link placement.​ Once link are placed we will provide a report with your live link.

How this Service works?

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Our Packages

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One Time Editorial Backlinks

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We provide backlinks for money site, YouTube Videos, Facebook Profile, Twitter & other pages which have aged backlinks from and we can permanently redirect the links to any URL.

We always provide stable back links. If your link breaks unexpectedly, we will replace it with another available one free of cost.

We have a vast data of domain projects in popular topics and categories that own many active back links from Sometimes we can get on english versions and sometimes we get on non english versions; such as .fr.wikipedia, .no.wikipedia and other versions as well. With this strategy we will get sticky wikipedia links.

As far as using exact anchor text is concerned, we don’t prefer using because it can lower the chance of the link sticking as it will probably be perceived as spam. However, if we are able to do so it would be a reward this is why we ask for niche rather than anchor.
We will use niche relevant pages e.g if you are in yoga niche we will use health relevant pages. As far as using exact niche is concerned, However, if we are able to do so it would be a reward.
Some website get direct link & some permanent 301 redirect. In terms of SEO effectiveness, especially in giving traffic & authority, both are the same.

First choose your desired topic category, your target website URL, and we will immediately set up everything else required for preceding your order and backlink activation.

Yes, absolutely. You are free to provide us any URL you like for example it can be, your Company website, Blog, Forum, Affiliate Site, online shop, YouTube Video, eBay store, Amazon account or product and even social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.


Refund Policy:

No Refund of Payment will be made if the backlink is removed unexpectedly we will replace it with the similar one.